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The STOPPOT preparation was clinically investigated, and both its high effectiveness and application safety have been clinically proven. In addition, a questionnaire survey on the preparation effectiveness was conducted among the soldiers in one of the military units, in co-operation with the Ministry of Defence.

Clinical investigation results

The clinical investigations were carried out with 55 individuals, among whom excessive foot sweating occurred. After the STOPPOT preparation had been applied, the patients underwent inspection, carried out by a dermatologist during the four succeeding days after the treatment, and then it was continued for 2 months on a weekly basis. The clinical investigation results are as follows:

Questionnaire survey results.

A team of 177 soldiers, who acknowledged to suffer from excessive foot sweating and applied the STOPPOT preparation, was included in the questionnaire survey. The product effectiveness appraised by the soldiers may be represented in percentage terms as follows:

In view of the above investigation results, as well as having analysed the products available on the market, we may state without hesitation that neither among cosmetics nor drugs that we know, can we find a product, the properties of which could be comparable in terms of both effect speed and effectiveness, or from the achieved effectiveness duration viewpoint. Patent researches that ended with taking out a patent on the STOPPOT product proved that nowhere in the world was a preparation of similar composition known or applied as an antiperspirant before.