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The best effect of STOPPOT duo to a large extent depends on how carefully you will obey the instructions for application as defined below.

Wash your feet carefully with soap and warm water at night just before going to bed.

Dry your feet a bit with a moisturized cloth removing excess water. Your skin should be kept moisturized so that the powder can be easily absorbed.

Pour out half of the content of the powder container into your hand and spread the powder carefully over the points of excessive sweating, i.e. on the underside of your foot, and also between and under the toes. Apply the remaining amount of the powder to the other foot.

Pull clean and tight socks over your feet carefully, watching that the powder is not wiped off.

Go to sleep immediately, avoiding excessive walking.

After about 6-8 hours, wash your feet carefully with soap and warm water, and pull clean socks over your feet. Do not exceed the indicated time of application, as longer effect of the powder on your skin may cause its excessive dryness. People with sensitive skin should reduce the time of treatment below 6 hours.

Do not apply the preparation to wounded, chafed or ulcerated foot skin, or in case of allergy.
Do not apply to children’s skin (appropriate investigations are missing).
The preparation was clinically tested for foot skin only.
The Manufacturer will bear no responsibility should this product be applied at variance with the enclosed instructions.